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Oyster meats can be eaten raw or cooked in almost
any way imaginable. They are a succulent,
wholesome and nutritious food source.


Pacific Oyster Meats
We pack oyster meats in quart, pint and half-pint containers. Shucked Pacific oyster grades, or sizes, range from Medium on the big end to Yearling, the smallest. Stewers are meats that are damaged when they are shucked and not graded to size. Availability of specific sizes can be affected by many unpredictable factors. Please call ahead to be sure that we will have what you want when you get here.

At Blau Oyster Company we shuck oysters almost every weekday of the year. To shuck an oyster means to remove the meat from its shells. Since oysters are bivalves they have two shells unlike their molluscan cousins the snail, abalone, octopi and etc. who have only one. Shucked Daily means Fresh Every Day. Once shucked oyster meats are washed in fresh water, graded to size and packed in containers ready for sale. Oyster meats can be eaten raw or cooked in almost any way imaginable. They are a succulent, wholesome and nutritious food source provided they have been reared in a healthy, marine environment, processed or refrigerated immediately after harvesting and are either fresh when consumed or have been frozen while still fresh and maintained at proper temperatures. We believe that freshness is by far the greatest single contributor to the quality and enjoyment
of seafood. The fresher the better!

Live Pacific Oysters
We sell oysters in-the-shell by the dozen
(12 individual single oysters). Oysters are graded by size and priced accordingly.

On the west coast the traditional (and most popular) way to prepare live oysters in-the- shell is to cook them on a grill over an open fire. A gas or charcoal barbeque may be used. Experience will teach the few skills necessary to make this venture a success. Two hints: 1. Well-insulated gloves or mittens & 2. They’re done when they’re done; some oysters will pop open after a few minutes and some won’t; some people like them half-cooked and some people don’t, so use those gloves and a rigid-bladed, not-overly-sharp knife to check their state of doneness until you or your guests are satisfied and/or the oysters are gone.

Oysters prepared in this manner are usually served with melted butter flavored to taste with lemon, garlic and other favorite seasonings.

Try the Seafood Butter recipe below.

szeafood butter



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